A strong partnership

RIWOspine Alliance connects innovative spine surgeons worldwide, facilitating cooperation and exchange of expertise in full endoscopic surgery.

A network of partners enables minimally invasive surgical techniques and methods to be established and developed. The combined experience of many people collaborating together helps each surgeon to solve individual medical cases and challenges. RIWOspine Alliance is the professional platform combining knowledge and experience. It is an enabler for collaborative advances in spine surgery.


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RIWOspine Alliance - Education Program

Within this alliance network we offer excellent possibilities to all members to improve their knowledge of full-endoscopic techniques in spine surgery.

All registered members of the RIWOspine Alliance get free access to all events -SpecialCase, Live Webcast, Live ORcast. Join the RIWOspine Alliance Forum for registration and detailed information.   



Special Case Presentation 2017

Experts report on their experiences in full-endoscopic operations and highlight options and limitations

Dec. 06th 2017 / 2:00pm CET / Dr. J.M. Donoso / Chile; Dr. G. Yorukoglu / Turkey

Live Webcast Program 2017

Special presentations about topics in full-endoscopic surgery presented by experienced surgeons.

Nov. 22nd 2017 / 2:00pm CET - The concept of full-endoscopic spinal surgery of the cervical spine - Dr. M. Komp

Live ORcast Performances 2017

You are connected live with the operating room of one of our reference centers and you are able to follow a selection of full-endoscopic operations.

Jan. 04th 2018 - Dr. S. Oezdemir; Dr. P. Hahn; Dr. M. Komp; PD Dr. S. Ruetten / St. Anna Hospital Herne, Germany

March 16th 2018 - Dr. S. Oezdemir; Dr. P. Hahn; Dr. M. Komp; PD Dr. S. Ruetten / St. Anna Hospital Herne, Germany


PD Dr. Sebastian Ruetten

St. Anna Hospital
Herne / Germany

Dr. Patrick Hahn

St. Anna Hospital
Herne / Germany

Dr. Güven Yörükoğlu

Avrasya Hospital
Istanbul / Turkey

Prof. Dr. Kim Jin-Sung

Seoul St. Mary's Hospital
Seoul / Republic of Korea

Dr. Akira Dezawa

Mizonokuchi Hospital,
Kawasaki / Japan

Dr. Elgeadi Saleh

Elgeadi Traumatología
Getafe / Spain

Dr. Adad Baranto

Sahlgrenska Univ. Hospital
Gothenburg / Sweden

Dr. Martin Komp

St. Anna Hospital
Herne / Germany

Dr. Verapan Kuansongtham

Bumrungrad International Hosp.
Bangkok / Thailand

Dr. Marko Marković

Bel Medic General Hospital
Belgrade / Serbia

Dr. Peter Van Daele

O.L.V. Van Lourdes Ziekenhuis
Waregem / Belgium

Prof. Dr. A. A. Roth Vargas

Hospital Centro Médico
Campinas / Brazil

Dr. Kazuo Ohmori

Nippon Kokan Hospital
Kawasaki / Japan

Dr. Piotr Winkler

Szpital Św. Wojciecha
Poznań / Poland

Dr. Semih Oezdemir

St. Anna Hospital
Herne / Germany

Prof. Dr. Ch. Woiciechowsky

Vivantes Humboldt-Clinic
Berlin / Germany

Dr. J. M. Donoso Azagra

End. Spine Surgery Center
Santiago de Chile / Chile

Prof. Dr. Christoph Siepe

Schön Clinic Harlaching
Munich / Germany

Prof. Dr. Kim Chi Heon

Seoul National University Hosp.
Seoul / Republic of Korea

Prof. Dr. Lee Jun Ho

Kyung Hee University Hosp.
Seoul / Republic of Korea