Advanced endoscopic training at the highest level

Person to person, specialist to specialist, doctor to doctor – the concept of the Prima Vista Academy run by Richard Wolf. Modern methods of medical investigation and diagnosis require continuous advanced training so that practitioners can keep up with the latest developments. The Prima Vista Academy offers doctors and medical personnel targeted and practical advanced training courses. These courses provide efficient, interdisciplinary advanced training with CME accreditation.

Prima Vista Academy

The Prima Vista Academy is located in Knittlingen but operates in the international arena. This forms the basis for organizing workshops and training sessions at many centers throughout the world.

A high-end platform for product presentations and customer advice is complemented by the optimized workshop area. These facilities allow the Prima Vista Academy of Richard Wolf to offer a forum for high-quality advanced training. Endoscopy workstations are equipped with the latest medical technology and they allow basic and advanced surgical techniques to be carried out in practical exercises on models and specimens. The latest multimedia technology also allows operations to be streamed live. Clinical events and practical sessions with international specialists complete the training program.