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Endoscopic techniques are fulfilling the promise of minimally invasive spine surgery.  A tiny (<1 cm) incision provides the patient with less pain and a faster recovery, while high resolution optics and innovative instrumentation provide the surgeon with excellent precision and functionality.  As the endoscopic field has evolved, a wide range of instruments have been developed to allow the surgeon the ability to address a wide range of indications.


Spine surgery using an endoscope is the least invasive approach and can be expected to provide relief of symptoms with the least pain and the fastest recovery.  Whether you have been told you have a herniated disc, sciatica, stenosis, or arthritis in your back, there may be an endoscopic procedure to help you.

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Through our strong sales and service network, we are able to support physicians around the country with RIWOspine products and services. Be part of this successful network to implement full-endoscopic spine surgery in your area. 

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Pioneering endoscopic spine surgery

Richard Wolf / RIWOspine has long been the leader in pioneering full-endoscopic spine surgery with the development of specialized instrumentation and standardized techniques, combined with enabling technologies such as high resolution endoscopes, HD imaging systems, and articulating instruments.

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The RIWOspine education program offers excellent possibilities to learn more about the full-endoscopic technique for spine surgery or interventional percutaneous spine pain therapy.
It is a comprehensive training concept consisting of different modules to implement these innovative techniques successfully in your hospital.

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