Over the last 20 years, the specialists at RIWOspine and Richard Wolf have been working with physicians and hospitals throughout the world with the goal of developing innovative techniques and products for minimally invasive surgery and pain therapy.


Today, the latest technologies and innovations, such as a 4K video system, TipControl instruments, and a flexible motor burr system all contribute to the emergence and efficacy of full-endoscopic spine surgery.

RIWOspine products meet the highest standards of quality, safety and surgical utility.


Full-endoscopic Spine Surgery

The combination of the newly developed surgical techniques, facilitated by innovative endoscopic technology and high-definition imaging products, makes possible full-endoscopic approaches to common spine problems that represent truly minimally invasive solutions.  Principal indications are disc herniations, spinal stenosis and intradiscal procedures such as disc space nucleotomy in preparation for the introduction of implants.

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Interventional Pain Therapy

The VERTEBRIS denervation system for endoscopically controlled facet and sacroiliac joint denervation offers a flexible and precise solution for addressing facet and sacroiliac joint syndromes. This system improves the success of treatment with visually controlled and precisely focused application of instrumentation and RF energy.

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Radiofrequency Surgical System

Precise and tissue-conserving radiofrequency application with CURIS® RF Generator 4MHz and TipControl Intruments.

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Endoscopic Imaging

Richard Wolf defines a new quality of imaging in full-endoscopic spine surgery. With the new generation of camera systems, very small and fine structures can be clearly identified and differentiated.

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Burrs and Shaver System

A variety of sterile and reusable burrs is available for a wide range of applications and surgical needs. Several innovative burrs and shavers have been developed specifically as integral parts of many of the VERTEBRIS instrument sets. 

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core nova is the result of innovation and vision for a completely new technological platform of operating room integration.  It represents a consistent system implementation based on powerful and secure network technologies.

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Clean sterile instruments are a key requirement for hygiene management. A variety of accessories and reprocessing trays are available to add further value for facilities using full-endoscopic solutions. 

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