Burr and Shaver System

The powerful POWERDRIVE ART1, M5 motor handpiece, and associated burrs and resectors provide efficient bony and soft-tissue resection to address conditions ranging from disk herniations to bony spinal canal stenosis.


A variety of sterile and reusable burrs are available for a wide range of applications and surgical needs. Several innovative burrs and shavers have been developed specifically as integral parts of many of the VERTEBRIS instrument sets.  


TipControl Burr

A key benefit of endoscopic surgical procedures for the spinal column is that the angled direction of view enables users to "look around corners" and this permits greater visualization over a larger area during an operation. It is absolutely crucial that the working instruments (and abrading instruments) can be adjusted and angled to the match the field of view in order to perform efficient interventions during endoscopic procedures.


TipControl Nucleus Resector

The new deflectable TipControl Nucleus Resector is used for efficient resection of disc material in the lumbar spine. 

This disposable resector blade connects to the M5 handpiece, and a robust mechanism allows a lever at the handpiece end to actively deflect the distal tip.  This allows the resector to reach much of the disc space, and much of the nucleus tissue can be readily removed.  The oscillating mode of the M5 motor handpiece allows effective resection of stronger disk material, while the connected suction facilitates its evacuation.

Sterile Disposable Burrs and Nucleus Resectors

Disposable instruments for optimized abrading and resection performance in challenging full-endoscopic operations deliver time savings with maximum precision.
New design in the sheath area of the burrs enables the system to provide continuous extraction at the PowerStick M5 motor handle without any risk of sensitive soft-tissue structures being sucked into the rotating burr. 


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