This year's Global Endoscopic Spine Days will take place on-site and online in Herne/Essen Germany from April 17th to 20th. 
The highlight of this event is the one-day International Symposium to which we invite all spine experts interested in endoscopic spine surgery. 
Under the scientific direction of Dr. S. Ruetten and Dr. M. Komp, the latest developments and standards in full-endoscopic spine surgery will be presented and discussed in a comprehensive program.  
Benefit from in-depth knowledge of spinal endoscopy to learn how these techniques will change the future of spine surgery.

Participate ONLINE on April 19th, start 9 am CET



International Symposium April 19th

Scientific Direction

PD Dr. Sebastian Ruetten

St. Anna Hospital
Herne / Germany

Dr. Martin Komp

St. Anna Hospital
Herne / Germany


The RIWOspine education program offers excellent possibilities to learn more about the full-endoscopic technique for spine surgery or interventional percutaneous spine pain therapy.

It is a comprehensive training concept consisting of different modules to implement these innovative techniques successfully in your hospital.

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Julia Armingeon
Event Management