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Diskogenic pain syndrome

Diskogenic pain syndrome is one of the degenerative diseases of the spine. The cause of diskogenic pain syndrome is degenerative wear of the vertebral disk, starting with a loss of fluid in the inner core of the vertebral disk (nucleus polposus). Since the vertebral disks then lose resilience and elasticity, this can lead to segmental instability. Sensitization of the region can result in a reduction of the stimulus threshold and lead to chronic diskogenic pain.

Furthermore, protrusions of the vertebral disk can press on the spinal and extraspinal nerve structures and generate radicular pain as a result.

Interventional Percutaneous 4 MHz Radiofrequency Nucloplasty

The PERCULINE nucleo system has been developed for nucleoplasty of the vertebral disk with 4 MHz technology.

The Radioblator RF4 radiofrequency generator with a working frequency of 4 MHz is the centerpiece of this effective tissue-preserving coagulation System. In combination with the actively articulating TipControl RF Electrode the controlled positioning of the radiofrequency application in the tissue is guaranteed.

Focused energy input with less heat penetration to the surrounding tissue, tissue cooling by continuous flow function and reusable access instruments makes the PERCULINE nucleo system efficient.

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