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VERTEBRIS lumbar / thoracic

The VERTEBRIS lumbar System has been designed for a wide spectrum of indications in the area of endoscopic operations on the lumbar spine / thoracic spine. The modular structure of the system facilitates on the one hand the standardized interlaminar, transforaminal and extraforaminal approaches, and on the other hand the expansion of indications for disk herniations and spinal canal stenoses.

VERTEBRIS cervical

Two basic instrument sets are supplied in the area of the cervical spine. They meet the special anatomical requirements for the anterior and posterior approach.

• VERTEBRIS cervical posterior
• VERTEBRIS cervical anterior

The visual quality and the special design structure of the instrument set permit surgery at the level of the lumbar surgical procedure. These are important enablers for the success of these innovative surgical methods used on the cervical spine.

VERTEBRIS stenosis

Richard Wolf has worked together with experienced spine surgeons and is the first company to have developed a standardized approach to full-endoscopic decompression of lumbar spinal canal stenosis.  This pioneering work has therefore defined another milestone.

A larger telescope with a corresponding intraendoscopic working channel, and larger stronger instruments were necessary for the more extensive bone and/or ligament resection necessitated in this operation. The VERTEBRIS stenosis Instrument Set is complemented by the universal PowerDrive ART 1 motor system and a series of rigid and articulated burrs.

  • VERTEBRIS stenosisThe full-endoscopic, interlaminar decompression in case of lumbar spinal canal stenosis2.9 MB