Focus on effect

The precisely focused effect of the 4 MHz technology to preserve peripheral tissue makes the RADIOBLATOR RF 4 MHz ideal for applications close to sensitive structures, as necessary in e.g. neurosurgery and spine surgery. The complete radiofrequency surgery solution offers efficient vaporization, gentle coagulation and a range of cutting modes in monopolar or bipolar operation.

  • RadioblatorMultidisciplinary radiofrequency surgical device1.1 MB


The expansion of indications for full-endoscopic techniques to treat conditions ranging from disk herniations to bony spinal canal stenosis requires efficient bony and soft-tissue resection.
The powerful POWERDRIVE ART 1 meets this requirement.

  • PowerDriveThe universal motor system for orthopaedics 3.1 MB

Tip Control - Lateral thinking round corners

A large range of sterile and reusable burrs are supplied for each application.

Our unique TipControl concept encompasses a series of distally articulated instruments in order to achieve adequate scope of movement with minimally invasive access ports to the operating site.

  • TipControl burrlateral thinking around the corners - the first articulating bone burr5.2 MB

TipControl Nucleus Resector – universal & effective full-endoscopic and percutaneous nucleotomy

The new deflectable TipControl Nucleus Resector is used for effective resection of disk material at the lumbar spine.

Due to a robust mechanism the disposable instrument can be actively distally deflected by pressing  a lever at the connection to the M5 motor handpiece. In this way all parts of the disk can be cleaned from disk material very comfortable. The oszillating application by the M5 motor handpiece even allows an effective resection of stronger disk material and it´s simultaneous evacuation due to the connected suction.