Pioneering solutions for indications, techniques and user training in full- endoscopic spinal surgery and interventional pain therapy, developed by visionary physicians for a new dimension of minimally invasive spinal surgery.



The combination of percutaneous access ports and high-resolution imaging enables innovative endoscopic surgical procedures that reduce the burden on the patient and enable the fastest possible convalescence. In degenerative diseases of the spine and their typical indications herniated disc or spinal canal stenosis, these methods with minimal surgical trauma become the standard in modern spine surgery and pain therapy.

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Avana Surgical is the exclusive Partner of RIWOspine for India and Sri Lanka.

Lumbar interbody fusion

In the case of spinal fusion, the VERTEBRIS stenosis set combines effective discectomy, precise laminectomy and foraminotomy with the key benefits of full-endoscopic spine surgery.

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Pioneering endoscopic spine surgery

Endoscopic imaging has also been playing an important role in spine surgery for many years, because high-resolution intraoperative imaging facilitates minimalized access ports to the operating site.

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Simplify your endoscopic instrument guidance at the spine with RIWOtrack electromagnetic navigation system.            

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The RIWOspine education program offers excellent possibilities to learn more about the full-endoscopic technique for spine surgery or interventional percutaneous spine pain therapy.

It is a comprehensive training concept consisting of different modules to implement these innovative techniques successfully in your hospital.

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