RIWOspine Equipment Unit

The complete device network for full endoscopic spinal surgery guarantees highest functionality and safety in the OR. The 55" 4K camera system for spine surgery is the centerpiece of the unit and marks a new standard in endoscopic visualization. All devices required for endoscopic spine procedures are positioned in a space-saving and user-friendly manner.

The integrated core nova OR system impresses with its simple and ergonomically directly accessible control unit. The status information of all connected devices is visible at all times and guarantees the necessary overview to surgeons and OR staff. Altogether this makes operating considerably easier.

Endocam Logic 4K

ENDOCAM pictures cast a spell over the viewer and offer a brilliant visual experience in endoscopy. Clear and razor sharp images in realistic colors enable the recognition of smallest structures with a detailed spatial depth effect. Optimized high performance for your OR.

  • High operating comfort due to relaxed sense of sight
  • Very good orientation due to slight tissue differentiation
  • Vivid and high-contrast images ideally support the surgeon
  • Impressively sharp image quality for optimal intraoperative imaging
  • Optimum detail recognition by means of brilliant resolution
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