Treatment planning


According to your clinical picture, the doctor will determine a treatment scheme that always includes conservative measures such as injections and / or physiotherapy for wear-related diseases.
However, if these therapies fail to have a lasting effect, interventional or surgical procedures must be considered. In some cases, due to the extreme severity of the symptoms (e.g. paralysis), direct surgical intervention is also necessary, as long-term damage must be avoided.
Together with renowned spinal surgeons, the RIWOspine company has developed methods for operating on herniated discs that can be performed even more minimally invasively than previous operations.
Through a skin incision of only 8 mm, an endoscope is guided directly to the herniated disc without damaging surrounding structures. The herniated disc is removed with special instruments and the pressure relief of the nerve is directly controlled. These operations can be performed under local or general anaesthesia.
Most patients are pain-free immediately after the operation and you can quickly return to normal or usual daily and professional life. Many clinics now offer these methods. Therefore, ask your attending physician (or Consultant, UK) about full-endoscopic spinal surgery.
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