Endoscopic Imaging

We define a new quality of imaging in full-endoscopic spine surgery. With Richard Wolf camera systems, very small and fine structures can be clearly identified and differentiated.

Recognizing details is important for spine surgery. A clear, meaningful picture to identify structures is the prerequisite for a safe surgery. Thanks to state-of-the-art video technology, Richard Wolf's camera systems make the finest structures appear clearly.

The new 4K camera system from Richard Wolf provides the latest image technology for endoscopic spine surgery. With a brilliant visual impression improves the spatial orientation and depth effect and facilitates the surgical procedure in spine surgery.

SIM - Special Imaging Modes algorithms additionally help to improve tissue differentiation depending on surgical requirements.

The new 4K Camera System from Richard Wolf defines a new quality of imaging in full-endoscopic spine surgery. 4K provides a significantly higher resolution of the endoscopic image compared with the existing HD standard. As a result, very small and fine structures can be clearly displayed and identified. The richness of detail leads to an almost three-dimensional visual impression so that the spatial orientation and depth effect are improved.

The VERTEBRIS endoscopes generate a uniformly illuminated image with sharp margins. The power of the LED light source and the optimized light fiber complements the new increase in camera resolution.  New manufacturing technology allows the ergonomically styled metallic camera head to be lightweight and ideal for steam sterilization and chemical sterilization procedures. Multiple signal processesing options are available and operate at a full 4K resolution. 

Endoscopically brilliant - ENDOCAM Logic 4K for full-endoscopic spine surgery

ENDOCAM pictures cast a spell over the viewer and offer a brilliant visual experience in endoscopy. Clear and razor sharp images in realistic colors enable the recognition of smallest structures with a detailed spatial depth effect. Optimized high performance for your OR.

  • High operating comfort due to relaxed sense of sight
  • Very good orientation due to slight tissue differentiation
  • Vivid and high-contrast images ideally support the surgeon
  • Impressively sharp image quality for optimal intraoperative imaging
  • Optimum detail recognition by means of brilliant resolution


Recognizing details is absolutely crucial in minimally invasive spine surgery. A clear, informative image is a prerequisite for delivering safe treatment. The HD technology means that the Richard Wolf camera systems are capable of producing pin-sharp images of the most delicate structures. The HD systems meet the needs of the most discerning endoscopic user, from the endoscope to digital transmission, display, and storage of images.

Digital camera heads, intelligent LED light sources, efficient light cables and brilliant monitors are central components that forms this generation to a high quality camera system.

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