PERCULINE joint is a universal instrument system for percutaneous denervation of the facet and sacroiliac joint using 4 MHz radiofrequency. The instrument set is used for percutaneous access to the facet and sacroiliac joints, for tissue preparation and dissection with manual instruments, and for coagulation, tissue reduction and ablation using radiofrequency.
The radiofrequency generator, Radioblator RF4, with an operating frequency of 4 MHz is the heart of this effective tissue-sparing coagulation system. In combination with the TipControl RF electrode, which can be actively angled, controlled positioning of the radiofrequency application in the tissue is guaranteed.

Denervation of the facet and sacroiliac joint.

Thermal denervation of the vertebral or sacroiliac joints involves interrupting the transmission of pain signals from the site of origin, i.e. the vertebral joints, to the brain by heating the pain fibers. In this way, local discomfort can be significantly reduced.
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