PERCULINE endo disc

PERCULINE endo disc is an instrument system for the endoscopically controlled treatment of various discogenic pathologies, such as a bulging disc or discitis. PERCULINE endo disc comprises a holistic, convincing system solution with the aid of the 4 MHz RADIOBLATOR RF generator.
The posteriolateral approach offers the pain therapist the possibility to reach the disc space quickly and precisely and to perform a nucleotomy in a tissue-sparing manner.
While rongeurs are used to remove the material directly from the disc, the application of radiofrequency current with bipolar TipControl instruments causes a reduction in the volume of the disc tissue on the one hand and the destruction of the small nerve fibers on the fibrous ring of the disc on the other. The spinal nerves are indirectly decompressed and the destruction of the nerve fibers prevents the transmission of pain information to the brain. The primary therapeutic goal of nucleoplasty is decompression of the nerve structures, by volume reduction of the disc with the help of radiofrequency ablation as well as mechanical removal of tissue with rongeurs.
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