Service and Service Packages

In your decision to purchase Richard Wolf products, you have opened the gate to one of the best ranges of services and service work on the market. Technical maintenance remains a key, yet no longer the mainstays in the Richard Wolf services and service work sector.

Our motivation, besides technical safety and financial viability, is to offer a high degree of quality and reliability and reduce the ever-growing complexity in your field – to the highest individual level and one that reflects your needs.

Richard Wolf Service – satisfied with safety.

Maintenance & customer service

It stands to reason that frequently-used products, which can be highly complex and fragile, become damaged over the course of their service life. With our completely new maintenance center in a modern environment, we offer all the services required to bring a defective product to the same level as a new one in the shortest possible time.
Our service concept meets our own claim, to minimize the downtimes for you in case of damage:

  • Rental instrument concept
  • Individual repair
  • Used instrument disposal (Register no. WEEE DE 62106361)

Our customer service is set apart by reliability and qualification. Training and regular refresher courses for our employees guarantee that our Service Team is your competent point of contact.

Get in touch. It will be our pleasure to advise you.


Technical Support

Do you need technical support for using or maintaining your products? We are happy to advise by telephone, email or on your premises.


  • Remote Service: Our Remote Service solution allows us to provide advice on your products or systems from a distance – in the familiar quality, just as if we were on site with you.
  • Project Management: Are you planning to build or modernize one or more operating theaters? Are you looking to simplify and optimize your workflows and processes? Together with our experts, we will assist you across all project management phases.
  • Technical Training: We offer a host of group-specific training programs, which are geared towards creating a practical relevance. Benefit from our global experience to install, operate and maintain our products! 


Questions? We are ready to help!
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