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The PERCULINE joint system is a universal instrument system for percutaneous denervation of the facet and sacroiliac joints using 4 MHz radiofrequency energy in interventional therapeutic pain procedures in the lumbar spine.

The instrument set is used to create percutaneous access ports to the facet and sacroiliac joints, for preparation and dissection of tissue using manual instruments, and for coagulation, tissue reduction, and ablation by means of radiofrequency energy.

The Radioblator RF4 radiofrequency generator with a working frequency of 4 MHz is the centerpiece of this effective tissue-preserving coagulation system.This, combined with the actively articulating TipControl RF Electrode, provides for precise positioning of the radiofrequency energy in the tissue.

Focused energy input with less heat penetration to the surrounding tissue, tissue cooling by continuous flow irrigation and reusable access instruments makes the PERCULINE system an efficient and economical interventional pain solution. 

PERCULINE facet joint

The small vertebral joints (facet joints) are surrounded by a dense network of nerve fibers. These are irritated by inflammatory processes which occur as part of arthrosis. However, direct mechanical irritation is also possible as a result of instability.

Predominant symptoms are back pain or neck pain without significant spreading and without neurological deficits. The pain is conducted along the medial branches of the dorsal ramus of the spinal nerve. The objective of radiofrequency denervation is selective thermal destruction of these nerve fibers in order to permanently interrupt the conduction of pain.

PERCULINE sacroiliac joint denervation

Much the same as the small vertebral joints, the sacroiliac joint (SIJ) is frequently a generator of back pain. The mechanisms are similar here. The sacroiliac syndrome frequently occurs after stabilization of the spine because the sacroiliac joint is subject to a greater load which, in turn, leads to mechanical and inflammatory irritations of the nerves at this joint.

Pain originating at the sacroiliac joint is transmitted along the dorsal ramus of the spinal nerve. This can likewise be addressed by the application of radiofrequency energy where the nerves exit the sacrum.

Therapeutic Concept

The centerpiece of effective tissue-preserving coagulation is the Radioblator RF4 radiofrequency generator with a working frequency of 4 MHz.  In combination with the actively articulating TipControl RF Electrode the controlled positioning of the radiofrequency application in the tissue is guaranteed. 

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