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E-book for full-endoscopic spine surgery

"This E-book combines standardized surgical techniques with years of practical experience to help surgeons to perform full-endoscopic techniques at the spine in the best possible way."

Dr. Sebastian Ruetten, Dr. Martin Komp and  Dr. Ali Güven Yörükoglu share all their  experience and knowledge about full-endoscopic spine surgery with interested spine surgeons to make sure everyone can benefit from their insights.


  • Comprehensive and all in one information.

  • Step-by-step instruction videos for a quick overview and recap of the individual surgical steps for interlaminar, foraminal approach and over-the-top decompression.

  • Detailed information about OR preparation and set-up.

  • Full case videos which can be selected by different filters to see exactly the case surgeons are most interested in.

  • RIWOspine product overview and information

  • Latest approach and surgical background information about the criteria how to select the different approaches.

  • High-quality hardware for daily use and smooth operation


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